Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Food Journal

My food blog was finally born today, the 16th of April. Its birth was almost 2 months' overdue, due to various reasons, procrastination being one of them! Haha :-)

The idea really came from my better-half who knows well my love for writing, which if given the chance, I would love to do full time. Most weekends are spent scouring places to satisfy the palate, so what better way to record my food journey in a blog, allowing me to pursue my writing needs in a fun way!

In the end, it is not just the meal but also the company that you are having it with that makes the meal good, like enjoying the food with your family and friends :-)

I am thankful to be blessed with food all the time, and especially living in a country where you can practically find food anytime of the day!

To keep my first post short and sweet, let me welcome you into my food journal, my journey with food and lots of good memories in between! Bon Appetite..

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