Sunday, January 29, 2012

Light Lunch- "Lo" Pan Mee @ Happy Home Cafe, Taman Bukit Serdang

Date: 29 January, 2012
Place: Happy Home Cafe @ Taman Bukit Serdang
Dish: 'Lo pan mee'

Price: RM 7.50

I knew lunch would be light but haven't quite thought of what would be a good choice.. Light yet appetizing!

As the car started moving, 'Pan Mee' came to mind! To keep it light, it was decided to share it in half :)

So we went to the usual 'Pan Mee' outlet, but alas it was closed for Chinese New Year break. A little disappointed at first, but this proofed a blessing later as we found another place which had a special variant of the same dish!

When the dish came, it was halved as promised :) It was indeed a good choice, as it tasted like home cooked 'Pan Mee'.

'Pan Mee' is a dish made popular by the Hokkiens and Hakka. Its main ingredient is flour, cooked in a clear soup normally boiled with anchovies, and served with some veggie, fried onions and mushrooms. The variant that I tried had a thick-based soup which tasted equally yummy :)

To all 'Pan Mee' lovers out there, the 'Lo Pan Mee' is definitely worth a try!

"Lo" pan mee

Mom's Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner @ Home [Dish: Braised Sea Cucumber with Oyster & Mushroom, Stri-Fried Prawn in Kam-Heong style, Stir-Fried Abalone , Steamed Pomfret, Steamed "Kampung Chicken", Chicken Soup with Meat & Fish Balls]

Date: 28 January 2012
Place: Home
Dish: Braised Sea Cucumber with Oyster & Mushroom, Stri-Fried Prawn in Kam-Heong style, Stir-Fried Abalone , Steamed Pomfret, Steamed Kampung Chicken, Chicken Soup

Every year, mom will cook an elaborate Reunion dinner during the Chinese New Year Celebration, and this year is no exception. And as far as I can remember, every Chinese New Year dinner will have as the main dish, Chicken, Fish, Sea Cucumber, Prawn, Abalone, and Pork, cooked in slightly different styles each year.

Call me bias if you wish, but I always find the Chinese New Year dinner that she cooks each year is the best meal of the year. Her cooking mantra of healthy cooking i.e. less salt in no way makes the dishes less tasty as she would replace that with more herbs and the freshest of ingredients. She takes her tasks of preparing for the Reunion dinner very seriously. All the ingredients would have to be sourced and booked in advance. On the designated day, she would start preparation early in the morning to ensure that the meal and table is set by 7pm. She handles most everything herself, my duty only to pass ingredients to her for cooking, setting the table, and washing the dirty plates before and after! :-)

I guess the joy of seeing everyone enjoying the meal is satisfying beyond words for her, and for us, it is really the best meal of the year!

Braised Sea Cucumber with Oyster & Mushroom

Steamed "Kampung Chicken"

Stri-Fried Prawn in Kam-Heong style

Stri-Fried Abalone
Steamed Promfret
Chicken Soup with Meat & Fish Balls

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Japanese Dinner (Belated Birthday Celebration)[Dish: Unagi Zen, Nabe Udon TM Zen, Teppanyaki Zen, Sashimi Zen, Gyuniku Tataki] @ Rakuzen, Empire Subang

Date:  January, 2012
Place: Rakuzen, Empire Subang
Dish: Unagi Zen, Nabe Udon TM Zen, Teppanyaki Zen, Sashimi Zen, Gyuniku Tataki
Verdict: Excellent
Price: RM295.80 (6 persons incl. hot green tea)

For my belated birthday dinner, mom asked me to suggest a place. I have always been a lover of Japanese food and Rakuzen came to mind. I have been there several times before and loved the food each time!

This place is almost always full with people. If there is a special event that you want celebrated in this place on a weekend, you should always make prior reservation earlier, else you may need to wait long.

Those with a big appetite or just happen to be very hungry, the set meals are highly recommended. We normally go for their set dinners and our favourite sitting area is the corner near the window where you can have a nice view of Subang at night.

When Empire Subang was reopened after the gas explosion in September last year, Rakuzen was one of those that got back to its feet rather quickly, and the crowd quickly came back as well.

I have no qualms recommending this place to anyone who wants good quality Japanese food in Subang :-).. The cake at the bottom is courtesy of my lovely sister and brother-in-law, from Bijou in Bangsar (which serves the best Red Velvet cake!).

Nabe Udon TM Zen (RM38)

Teppanyaki Zen (RM38)

Sashimi Zen (RM38)

Unagi Zen (RM58)

Gyuniku Tataki (RM25)

My Birthday Cake!


UG17 Upper Ground, 
Empire Subang,
Jalan SS16/1, 
47500 Subang Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel : +603 - 5631 8935
Fax : +603 - 5635 5898 

Opening Hours: Daily  from 10.00am - 10.00pm