Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Brunch- 'Po Choi' Pan Mee @ Seri Kembangan

Date: 4 February, 2012
Place: Somewhere in Seri Kembangan New Village
Dish: 'Po Choi' Pan Mee

Price: RM 4- 4.50

Slept in today, being a Saturday. Woke up with a craving for 'pan mee', yes, again!

This time, 'pan mee' was underneath a tree in a quaint little eatery (still half- maintaining its wooden structure).

Today's choice was a cabbage variant of the 'pan mee', hence the greenish colour of the noodle. It was good, but somehow felt that it lacked the authentic taste of hand-made 'pan mee', as this was machine-made. The freshly fried anchovies with the special chilly is quite tasty, though the anchovies was a tad salty.

All in all, the dish was not too bad. The fresh breezy wind, and a cup of fresh local coffee ends the meal perfectly! :)

'Po Choi' pan mee
Enjoying the meal under a shaddy tree

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