Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tea Time @ Cafe Crema, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Date: 20 July 2012
Place: Cafe Crema, Gardens by the Bay,Singapore
Dish & Price: See below

After our tour of the Cloud Forest in Gardens by the Bay, we were already quite tired, as the place is rather huge. Walking into the Cloud Forest gives you the feeling of walking into a real forest, complete with waterfalls, and nature singing along the way. Simply superb! Gardens by the Bay just opened at the end of June 2012, hence we were very lucky to visit this beautiful place not too long after its opening. Nevertheless, we needed to wait about 45 minutes before we finally got our tickets to the 2 conservatories due to the long queue of visitors!

The place is simply amazing. I really recommend every tourist to Singapore (and locals alike!) to drop by this place.  The time spent here will be well worth it. Lovers of nature, plants, and flowers will be lost in a wonderland of flowers and plants from all parts of the world! The Flower Dome was the other conservatory which we visited, and we were speechless when we saw the many varieties of beautiful plants and flowers on display. Walking in the conservatories is very pleasant as the temperature is quite cool. Check out their website at

For dining, there are several choices as well (you can check out their website for more info). We stopped for teatime at an Italian-styled cafe known as Cafe Crema to enjoy their gourmet coffee and signature breads and pastries. The brioche, cranberry swirl, croissant, and apricot danish (not shown below) tasted really fresh and yummy. In short, it is really a great place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. Once we were well rested and energized, we proceeded our walk to the next dome. I just couldn't hide my excitement on our way to the second dome...

Cranberry Raisin Swirl (SGD5.50)

Hot Chocolate (SGD5.50)

Long Black (SGD4.50)

Buttery Croissant (SGD3.50)

Brioche (SGD2)

Cafe Crema, Gardens by th eBay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore
+65 6604 8826

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