About Me

I am a Malaysian girl in her 30s who loves to pen her thoughts in her free time. Writing is almost therapeutic for me :-)

During my free time, if I am not writing, I would be helping out with household chores (yes, I like to wash and clean especially when I am not tired!), spending time with loved ones, watching TV (I have a soft spot for korean dramas) or listening to music, and of course eating good food :-) And once a while, I will go on a shopping spree! I also love to travel. I have travelled quite a fair bit since young, be it for holiday or long stay, and as an adult for both holiday and work.

Combining my love affair with writing and food, that was how this blog was culminated. I journals my experiences with all things food here. I hope you enjoy reading, as much as I have in writing and sharing it.

I can be contacted at sarahfoodjournal@gmail.com.

Have a great day!